Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Side Kick breaking techniques

Currently we have a few students from Noble Park getting close to black belt.  The focus on breaking techniques become important but a lot of people fail to understand how to break the boards.   Even bad technique can break the boards if you are big enough.  That won't cut it for everyone.

There are two versions of the side kick.  One for delivering max power and one for speed.  Who understands the difference?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Flyer

It’s time you learnt self defence

Welcome to
Narre Warren Rhee Tae kwon-Do
And Self Defence

High block, axe kick, double knife hand strike: simple but effective techniques that could actually save your life. Tae kwon-Do is an ancient martial art of unarmed combat designed for the purpose of self defence. It is also effective for weight loss and gaining core strength, whilst building self confidence and assertiveness.

Separate group training also available for those only interested in self defence and exercise (no patterns, sparring or exams).

Great for beginners to advanced, under the instruction of black belts Shaun Cowell & David Playdell. Discounts for couples/groups, and casual drop-in classes also available. Come by for a complimentary session, to see how it suits you.

Rhee Taekwondo-Do is widely publicised as being Australia’s first and biggest Tae kwon-Do School. It has at least 294 publicly-listed Dojang (training halls) in Australia. Come and learn from the best.


Don Bosco Primary School
“New Gymnasium”
496 Princes Highway
Narre Warren Vic 3805

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