Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Side Kick breaking techniques

Currently we have a few students from Noble Park getting close to black belt.  The focus on breaking techniques become important but a lot of people fail to understand how to break the boards.   Even bad technique can break the boards if you are big enough.  That won't cut it for everyone.

There are two versions of the side kick.  One for delivering max power and one for speed.  Who understands the difference?

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  1. The difference between a power technique and speed is something not everyone can achieve. those who are small/less in weight find them self using speed rather than mass to perform tasks such as board breaking, wile those who are large/heavy built find them self's using muscle/mass to perform the same tasks. both power and speed are equal but are very different. Speed is like a cutting motion slicing throw an object. very sharp and crisp. power is more like a crushing force like a sledge hammer crushing throw objects. it puts strain on an object till it caves in. however. both speed and power alone can not break through objects without each other. for example. you can not break a large stick simply by just standing on it. you must 1st have motion. speed. you can not break a large stick simple by using a whip. you must have some sort of weight behind it.

    From Adam May(Kiricaikari@gmail.com)